Cato El Altestan
Kato anime
Vital statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Position A sage and sorcerer of the human race.
Affiliation JSDF
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Chō
Debut Episode 3

Cato El Altestan (カト・エル・アルテスタン, Kato Eru Arutesutan) is the elder sage of the Coda village. His disciple isLelei La Lalena. Cato is a magician who took in Lelei and her sister as disciples in magic. He has a fatherly figure over the refugees evacuated to Alnus by Itami.


Cato looks like an ordinary old man, he has long gray beard tied into a ponytail as well as gray hair. He wears blue wizard clothes as well as a blue wizard hat with a pierced earring on it.


Cato is very experienced in magic usage. He is calm in most situations, as a sage Cato is very knowledgeable. However he can sometimes be perverted.


Skills & Abilities

Magic: Cato is the one who taught Lelei magic.