Hitoshi Furata
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Position Ex-Chef, Private in the 3rd Recon Unit
Affiliation JSDF, Third Recon Team
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Daiki Hamano
Debut Episode 2

Hitoshi Furuta is a private with the 3rd Special Recon Team. He was also a chef in a well-known restaurant in Japan.



Furuta is a passionate chef and experiments with the variety of unknown spices and flavors found in the Special Area.


Furuta was once a chef for a well known restaurant before joining the JSDF.


After being discovered by Zoral for his new, amazing tasting food, he was recruited as a chef for Zoral.

Skills & Abilities

Cooking: He is able to cook fine cuisine and has received many complements from a lot of people in the Special Area.