The Japan Self-Defense Forces(自衛隊 Jieitai), or JSDF, are the unified military forces of Japan that were established in 1954. Created to deal with internal threats and natural disasters, the JSDF quickly established the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Army), the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Navy), and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Air Force).


Due to the nature of Japan's constitution after the end of World War II, Japan lost its military capability and was forced to rely on the U.S. for security and protection. As the Cold War in the Korean Peninsula escalated, American forces began to leave Japan in order to fight in the Korean War, which left Japan virtually defenseless. Under American occupation authority's recommendation, the Japanese government in July 1950 authorized the establishment of a National Police Reserve. This then lead to the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan, stating United States forces stationed in Japan were to deal with external aggression against Japan while Japanese Forces would deal with internal threats and natural disasters. After undergoing policy changes, including being renamed National Safety Forces and creation of the National Safety Agency, the navy, Japan reorganized into the three distinct branched of the JSDF that are known today.

In Anime

Seen in the first episode responding to the Ginza attack,the JGSDF (most likely from the Eastern Army garrison from Camp Nerima) deployed Type 96 APCs,Komatsu LAVs,AH-1S Cobra Attack Heilcopters as well as regular ground troops armed with what can be seen as Howa Type 64s and Minimi light machine guns.

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