Leilei La Lalena
Scholar and Apprentice
Vital statistics
Age 15
Race Human
Gender Female
Position A sage and sorceress of the human race. Translator for the JSDF
Affiliation JSDF
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Voice Actor Nao Tōyama
Debut Episode 3

Leilei La Lalena is a human scholar girl and the second disciple of the other-world sage Cato el Altestan.


Leilei is a young girl with short turquoise colored hair with matching aqua eyes. As a apprentice sorceress, she wears a robe and uses a long staff.


Leilei is typically seen as a quiet young woman who prefers to ask questions or observe other people. Although young in comparison with the other-world girls, Leilei is seen as more intelligent and down to earth.

She acts maturely and is quick in making decisions. She engages herself in learning as much as she can, especially about the JSDF, including how to speak the language. She becomes the team's Translator on the other side of the Gate.



Due to something called the "3 Night Lesson" mentioned in chapter 38 of the manga, we find out later on that Leilei considers herself and Itami married due to the night Itami and her "slept together" in an earlier chapter.