Mari Kurokawa
Gate Kurokawa
Vital statistics
Age 23
Race Human
Gender Female
Position Sergeant 1st Class and Medic of the 3rd Special Recon Unit
Affiliation JSDF, Third Recon Team
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Voice Actor Satomi Akesaka
Debut Episode 2

Kurokawa Mari (黒川 Kurokawa) is 23 years old. Sergeant First Class and medic of the Ground Self-Defence Force. One of the female members of the Third Recon Team. Having a height of 190cm and being a nurse, she mostly talks calmly like a lady, but occasionally is sharp tongued.


Kurokawa is a beauty with tall stature and beautiful flowing black hair.


Kurokawa mostly talks calmly like a lady, but can be Insidious at times.



Skills & Abilties

Combat Medic: She is 3rd Recon's combat medic and appears to adequate training in identifying injuries and administering basic first aid.