Rory Mercury
Mercury and her Axe
Vital statistics
Age 961
Race Demi-Goddess
Gender Female
Position Demigoddess and Apostle of Emroy the god. Religious consultant for the JSDF
Affiliation JSDF, Emroy
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Voice Actor Risa Taneda
Debut Episode 3

Rory Mercury is a demigoddess and an apostle serving under Emroy, god of darkness, death, crime, madness and war.


Despite being nine hundred and sixty one years old, Rory has the appearance of a young girl of around twelve or thirteen as she has stopped aging when she ascended to become a living deity in a flesh and bloody body. She has long flowing black hair with a black ribbon as a hair ornament.

As an apostle of Emroy, her clothing is a reminiscent of Earth's Gothic Lolita culture, a black dress with red frills, black stockings supported with garters and a red boots. She wields a huge purplish axe as her main weapon.


Rory is mostly seen as having a thirst for battle. Her values are patterned from Emroy, taking pride when dealing with life and death. Just like the god she is serving, she sees murder not as a sin, neither good nor bad, but as a way to survive.

She becomes interested on Youji when she first meets his group. Acting naughty and childish most of the time, she is the most aggressive of the girls in showing her affections toward Youji.

Only a few decades away from ascending to full godhood she decides to instead be a goddess of love.

She detests and fears Hardy, a god who wants to marry her despite being female herself. She confesses to Giselle that she prefers a male partner.


Rory is first shown wandering around the desert where she meets a gang of bandits. She heard their plans about attacking the refugees from Coda, so without any remorse she slaughtered every last one of them. Some time later, she appears walking alone on the road the Third Recon Team was taking to evacuate the city of Coda. Rory becomes intrigued by the Humvee being driven by Youji, and decides she wants to ride in it as well. Unfortunately she decides to sit in his lap, while he's driving. After significant arguing, they reach a compromise of sharing the seat, with Itami nearly hanging partway out of the vehicle. She travels with the wagon train in this fashion until the Flame Dragon attacks the convoy. She aids the Third Recon in fending it off.

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