Shino Kuribayashi
Gate Shino Kurabayashi
Vital statistics
Age 24
Race Human
Gender Female
Position Sergeant 1st Class in the 3rd Recon Unit
Affiliation JSDF, Third Recon Team
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Maaya Uchida
Debut Episode 2

Shino Kuribayashi (栗林志乃 Kuribayashi Shino) is a female soldier and member of the Third Recon Team. She is a veteran and has a badge for hand-to-hand combat. Doesn't respect Itami as much as the others for his otaku status, which makes her distraught when she learns that Itami is in special forces and is a Ranger.


Anime: Shino Kuribayashi is a cute petite girl with a small frame and chestnut brown hair, with her left side made into a ponytail jutting out from the side. She also has huge breast with a slim waist.

Manga: Shino Kuribayashi is a normal height woman with a wide frame and large breasts. Her black hair is normally let down and is short.


Shino has short temper and can get easily angered when someone starts talking about her breasts. She also has a sadistic side, immensely enjoying killing enemy soldiers, particularly with a bayonet. Her sadistic nature is further reinforced when she brutally beats prince Zorzal Caesar. Shino become friendly with Rory Mercury, who shares her violent, sadistic nature, and the two are occasionally seen together.

In spite of her violent nature, Shino also longs for a man in her life, once asking Yoji to introduce her to single men in the Special Forces, while drunk. She's the shortest compared to the rest of Third Recon, but undoubtedly the most ferocious.



Shino Kuribayashi is one of the soldiers assigned to the Third Recon Team. Shino quickly proves herself to be an expert in close combat at the Battle of Italica, where she fights alongside Rory Mercury, killing numerous bandits with gunfire, grenades, and her bayonet. Shino and Rory managed to kill dozens of bandits singlehandedly. During the battle, Kuribayashi also shows a violent, sadistic tendencies, particularly enjoying killing with a bayonet. Her combat prowess and similar personality earns her the respect and friendship of Rory.

Kuribayashi later beat up Zorzal in front of the Emperor Molt in order to discover where the other Japanese Citizens were being held. Zorzal ordered his guards to kill her and the rest of the Third Recon Team, however, Shino and the rest of the squad easily killed several them with gunfire and bayonets, forcing the rest to flee.

Skills & Abilities 

Master Hand-to-Hand Combat: Shino is very experienced in Hand-to-Hand Combat and can take down people easily who are several times larger than her. She also prefers to use a bayonet on her Type 64 rifle as her close-range weapon.