Takeo Kurata
Gate Toshio Kurata
Vital statistics
Age 21
Race Human
Gender Male
Position Staff Sergeant in the 3rd Recon Unit
Affiliation JSDF, Third Recon Team
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Voice Actor Kaito Ishikawa
Debut Episode 2

Takeo Kurata is a soldier and the driver of Itami's military vehicle in the 3rd Special Recon Unit. He is a friend of Itami; and like him, he is also an Otaku, with a special fetish for cat-girls.


Kurata is skinny young man, he has short black hair and black eyes. He is commonly seen in his army uniform.


An otaku who has a moe fetish over Nekomimi (Cat ears) and Kemono (monsters in general). On otaku topics he can chat happily with Itami, his superior.

He developed feelings for Persia, a maid from Italica.



Skills & Abilties

Expert Driving: Kurata is seem to be extremely good at driving military vehicles, being able to dodge the attacks of a Flame Dragon.