Yao Ro Dushi
Yao haa dusi
Yao Ro Dushi
Vital statistics
Age +315
Race Dark Elf
Gender Female
Position Warrior
Affiliation JSDF
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Golden
Voice Actor Yōko Hikasa
Debut Unknown

Yao Ro Dushi (ヤオ・ロゥ・デュッシ Yao Rō Dusshi), formerly Yao Haa Dushi (ヤオ・ハー・デュッシ), is a dark elf from Dushi Clan. A dark elf who is over 300 years old. Her clan elders give her the mission to gather help to kill the dragon, and she seeks the JSDF's aid when the same dragon that attacked Tuka's village moves to the forest where her tribe lives, becoming a threat to them. After the dragon is vanquished, she joins Itami's party as well.


Yao appears to be in her late 20’s, caramel colored skin, and silver hair. Elf ears. An absolute beauty with a mantle and leather bindings.